It only took one try of a feminine-focused short workout that was sent for free… To be very honest, I felt so clumsy. I didn’t like that feeling very much. But a light bulb sparked bright – I go about most of my day in masculine energy. And then I wonder why I feel out of place too often. How about it, girls? Anyone with me on that? 

A regular day of mine flipped through my mind. From the moment we wake up I am taking care of a one-year-old which requires a lot of planning, organizing and responsibility. Not too much flow there :D (Gosh, I already have a very capable, responsible and manly man beside me. My little family does not need both of us to be like that, even when raising boys).

Then my work. For the first time I come to think that Pilates is pretty manly. Contrary to popular belief. With all the heavy equipment, tough muscle action, control, control, control. Don’t get me wrong – I love it in all its strength-building. Women need that too… And I am not one to start changing this method (although after tonight I might see it from a new angle). To be a classical teacher, I study and practice the original. 

So I’ll see where this new-found enlightenment takes me. Though it is a little tempting to run to the store and buy lots of girlier (?) stuff, today I know myself better. I’m not a believer in long red nails, high heels, make up, big cleavage… In my mind it is a little old fashioned. There has to be another way. This little voice at the back of my mind has been telling me for a long time that beauty and confidence really do come from the inside. That’s why I keep doing a lot of self-development and mainly with my mind and spirit. For the body I think more dancing is in order… :) And although I have some personal issues with butterflies – for me they represent a lot of what I see as feminine.

PS. Note to self (and other women who need reminding) – we tend to forget that our partners in most cases don’t really expect, want nor need us to be tough and masculine (energy-wise). Sometimes they just get used to it..

Come as you are,